Video Wall IPr

Video Wall IPr

The Video Wall IPr takes an HDMI or Display Port video source, processes the image based on configuration via GUI, and outputs video synchronously on up to 4 individual monitors. Out of the box configurations include cloning or stretching the input over different output monitor arrangements, with customizable bezel compensation, supporting input resolutions up to 3840x2400p60 and output resolutions up to 1920x1200p60. This flexible IPr can be extended and customised to suit your individual project requirements.

The Video Wall IPr is a versatile FPGA based solution for taking a single video source, processing the image, and displaying it over multiple outputs. Targeted at markets such as digital signage, public information displays and events using large display arrays, the Video Wall IPr provides a compact, expandable and customisable solution.

The Video Wall IPr accepts input from a single HDMI or Display Port source with a resolution up to 2840x2400p60. This video image is then put through a series of processing steps to split, clone or scale the original picture to the chosen output configuration. Bezel compensation is then applied before being sent to the individual outputs. There can be up to 4 outputs, each of which supports HDMI or Display Port with up to 1920x1200p60 resolution. The software API has EDID parsing capabilities to ensure only supported resolutions are automatically selected for seamless switching.

The Video Wall IPr is still under active development with plans in the future where multiple FPGAs can be linked together to support higher numbers of displays.

The Video Wall IPr comes packaged with a software API used to control the desired output configuration which provides communication over UART with the FPGA for control and live status reports. Also included is a windows based GUI that attaches to the API as an example of a complete user application interface.

Graphical User Interface used to report status, configure and control video wall

The supported configurations are:


This mode supports any arrangement of 4 output displays, whether a 2x2 grid all the way to a 1x4 or 4x1 column or row. It will stretch the input across the array of output displays, automatically compensating for any specified bezel thickness.


This mode clones the input onto each individual output.


This mode takes the input, scales and splits it as would be displayed on a 2x2 grid of outputs.

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