SMPTE 2059-2 IPr

  • High-accuracy hardware synchronization of video equipment over an IP network.
  • Timing signal generation for audio and video systems
  • IEEE1588v2 Compliant
  • Support for 2059-1 and 2059-2
  • Joint software and hardware solution


  • Full network stack IEEE1588v2 compliant slave
  • Line Rate Master with up to 4000 Slaves supported
  • Network and Slave Simulation Tools
  • Customisable to suit your needs

Video Wall IPr

  • Supports HDMI/DP input and output
  • Up to 4 individual video outputs
  • Up to 3840x2400 input and 1920x1200 output @ 60Hz
  • Configurable Bezel Compensation
  • Image processing for multi-monitor arrangements
  • Clone and stretch operation modes
  • Software API for Configuration and Control

H.265 HEVC Decoder System IPr

  • Fully compliant to ITU-T H.265 standard
  • Ultra-low Latency Decode
  • Supports up to 4kp60
  • Stand-alone FPGA solution
  • Available packaged with High Performance FPGA PCIe Accelerator Card

12G-SDI Playback and Capture IPr

  • 4k UHD Playback or Capture
  • Quad Bi-directional 3G-SDI
  • Test pattern generation
  • Available packaged with High Performance FPGA PCIe Accelerator Card

FPGA Cards

High Performance FPGA PCIe Accelerator Card

  • Featuring Intel Arria 10 1150 GX FPGA
  • High bandwidth PCIe 3.0 (x8) host interface
  • Bidirectional Quad 3G SDI, up to 4k UHD
  • GenLock over SDI
  • Dual DDR3 banks
  • Available standalone or packaged with IPr

Korusync IEEE1588 PCIe Card

  • PTPv2 compliant
  • Telecoms profile compliant synchronisation
  • Ethernet Port & SMA
  • Generates Super-accurate software clock
  • End of Life: Product no longer available in small quantities. Please enquire for large orders.