At Korusys we provide a full range of FPGA and Electronics Design and Development Services. Whether its developing embedded software for a small microcontroller, designing an FPGA or ASIC, or developing an entire electronics system including mechanical design and CE marking – At Korusys we have the expertise to deliver to budget and schedule every time.

We can provide a complete bespoke design service or augment your own design team with additional resources via an insource or outsource model.

Whether you’ve inherited a product design and need to migrate it to a new technology, or you have a missing skill set in your design team, we can provide a full technical solution tailored to individual client needs to deliver your project.

FPGA Design

First and foremost we are an expert FPGA design centre. Having been in the business of FPGA design for more than 30 years, finding the right solution for your needs is our expertise. All of our Engineers are highly trained and have extensive experience of complex FPGA designs across all FPGA vendors.

Systems Design

Getting the design of the system right is crucial in delivering a product that fulfils both market and functional requirements. With our experience of both hardware and software we can make sure the right choices are made on the functional split of the system, alongside the correct choice of components and modules, and the interface between them. When combined this enables us to realise a solution that meets or exceeds the needs of both engineering and marketing.

Software Design

Software design and development is an important part of our service offering. Whether it’s embedded applications running on a real time OS within the FPGA. Software running bare metal on a SoC implemented on a custom designed board. All the way to Linux drivers, higher level applications with GUI or even web interface for system management. We can deliver the full range of hardware and software mix that is required.

Intellectual Property Development

Utilising our System design and algorithmic expertise we have crafted many pieces of Intellectual Property for integration into our customers’ products. Providing much more than just implementation, but also the understanding of a complex requirement set and complete end-to-end design process. Culminating in delivering the algorithm and system, complete with detailed documentation, to fulfil them in a concise, manageable and scalable IPr offering.

PCB Design

We have a full design capability for PCB designs, from schematic capture right through to delivered working and CE marked boards. We have designed our own boards to complement our FPGA systems as well as multiple boards for our customers.


Using our array of in-house software and testing tools, we design customised test suites to offer self-checking verification environments. Supporting System Verilog, Verilog and VHDL we use UVM practices to achieve code coverage efficiently with constrained random verification. Our tests are fully automated with detailed reports that enable us to track progress and aid your product development.