IEEE1588 PCIe Card

Korusync IEEE1588 PCIe Card

The Korusync IEEE1588 PCIe card brings telecoms quality synchronisation to High Frequency Trading, Telecom, Test and Measurement, and Industrial marketplaces. It is delivered with a suite of applications that deliver the card’s time, highly accurately, into the Linux system.

The Korusync IEEE1588 PCIe Card is a class leading synchronisation solution for PC’s and Servers, based on a PCIe card platform and associated software tools. Highly accurate time is acquired by the Korusync card via network communications utilizing the IEEE1588-2008 protocol. The card is fully IEEE1588 v2 compliant and supports the Telecom profile for enhanced performance. The use of class leading timing recovery algorithms, an oven controlled oscillator and the Korusys timing toolkit software means that the Korusync PTP card can provide time, internally to the Server software applications, to better than 100ns of accuracy.

The Korusys timing toolkit is a suite of applications to accurately deliver time to the attached PC/Servers applications. These include:


A software app that provides ultra low latency access to super-accurate time by replacing the heavyweight Linux system clock with a lightweight, scalable and nanosecond accurate software clock.


A software app that allows the user to provide super-accurate timestamps to events inside the user application space and to have these forwarded and logged in an ultra lightweight manner. It allows visibility of intra core transactions at the software level to help tune and monitor the performance of Trading algorithms.

The Korusync IEEE1588 PCIe Card is offered as a package of both the hardware capable of establishing an accurate time, and software drivers/applications to extract that time to the host system. There are a limited number of these cards remaining so if interested in purchasing please contact us via phone or email.

Recovered Time AccuracyBetter than 100 nS accuracy in unloaded networks.
Better than 1 uS accuracy in heavily loaded networks.
PTP CompatibilityPTPv2 compliant.
Telecoms profile compliant
Bus InterfacePCIe 1.1 x1 Gen1
ConnectorsEthernet Port 0 – 10/100/1000 Ethernet PTP network connection
SMA 0 – One pulse Per second Output. LVTTL levels, Rising Edge aligned 1uS high period.
DimensionsSingle Slot, Full Height, Short Length PCIe Format 172 x 96 mm
Power Consumption< 1 W
Operating EnvironmentOperating temp : 0⁰c – 70⁰c
Storage Temp : -10⁰c to +85 ⁰c
Software SupportDrivers: Linux RedHat 5.5, 6 32 or 64 bits. Other O/S builds available on request.
API : Linux .so API supplied with card
Daemons : Korusync server timing daemon supplied with card
Optional : ApplicationClock daemon, ApplicationTrack daemon

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