FPGA Design Services

At Korusys we have many years of experience in FPGA systems design ranging from single PLD designs through to today’s complex multiple device systems. We have a range of engineering talent with a proven skill-set and track record of delivery on-time and right-first-time. We have extensive knowledge of complex FPGA designs across all FPGA vendors including Intel, Xilinx and Lattice meaning we can help advise on vendor and device selection for lower risk, cost optimised development.

Having been in the business of FPGA design for more than 30 years, finding the right solution for your needs is our expertise. All of our Engineers are highly trained and are proficient in both VHDL and System Verilog, with full simulation and test benching using ModelSim, QuestaSim or Riviera Pro, this ensures we can produce high quality IP to suit your exact needs. Our engineers cover all areas of FPGA design including:

  • Systems requirement analysis
  • Device pin-out design and multi device partitioning across all FPGA Vendors
  • Firmware design and associated test benches
  • Device programming and configuration options including in service upgrade methods
  • Embedded processor and SOPC design
  • Integration, debug, verification and validation
  • Systems review and due diligence

Our previous FPGA work has included Telecommunications, Image and Signal processing, Complex ASIC prototyping, Digital Video Broadcast distribution, Network test equipment and Network Synchronisation.


Our considerable experience in FPGA systems has enabled us to be selected by one of the leading FPGA vendors, Intel (formerly Altera), to become a member of their prestigious Design Solutions Network. Having worked closely with them for many years this partnership enables accelerated customer support and early access to roadmaps, boards and IP which allows us to design and develop at the forefront of FPGA technology.

We are intimately familiar with the Intel Device Toolchain, using the latest Quartus Prime Pro Design Software on our dedicated IT setup. With deep knowledge of Qsys and the IP catalog, critical path and timing analysis we can ensure the design is robust and device optimised.

We have familiarity with all of Intel FPGA devices such as MAX, Cyclone, Arria, Stratix and the latest Agilex technology.


We are well acquainted with the latest Vivado Design Software and Xilinx design practices represented in our membership of the Xilinx Alliance Partner Program.

Our engineers have experience of the entire range of Xilinx devices including, Virtex, Kintex, Artix and Spartan allowing us to tailor the design to each device family, speed grade and available resources. Using our knowledge of the Xilinx Device Toolchain, IP catalogue, creating IP projects, using block design, implementation and synthesis strategies, we can achieve optimal usage of the FPGA silicon.