The team at Korusys are recognised experts in the field of synchronisation :


Experts in IEEE1588 (PTP) and NTP protocols
Architects of the worlds first and highest performance Packet Synchronisation ASIC
Development of noise filtering and PLL control algorithms
Experienced in the recovery of time from highly diverse network scenarios (Ethernet, Metro, IP, DSL)
Experienced in the application of Packet synchronisation technology to the mobile communications standards
Experts in advising on System and Network requirements for synchronisation
Test development for Network emulation for Synchronisation


Korusys provides services across the range of synchronisation from traditional SONET/SDH synchronous architectures to asynchronous packet based clock recovery.


We can provide design services, consultancy advice or an independent test resource to ensure the synchronisation scheme in your system will prove adequate for the services offered in your network.

We have also developed a range of IEEE1588 PTP products delivered class leading time. Please visit this page to learn about our range of Network Timing Solutions