Our skills come from the experience and dedication of our staff. All our consultants have at least 15 years of experience of developing Electronics systems of various types.

Technical Areas

Complete Systems Development
Development and delivery of complete Electronic Systems
Software, Hardware, Mechanical design and CE marking - We can develop systems ready for market.
Hardware Development
We are experts in FPGA, ASIC and Board design and development.
One of only 3 UK based consultancies to have been selected to be part of Altera's ACAP scheme.
Software Development
Embedded software, API's and Windows Gui's to drive and add value to you Electronic systems.
Embedded O/S integration and applications.
Leading experts in IEEE1588 and NTP systems, implementations and architectures

We provide a range of bespoke IP in the area and also provide testing, integration and consultancy services for packet synchronisation products and networks.

Industry Segments


As a consultancy we have operated in many market spaces. We have particular experience of operating in the following markets:

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Synchronisation :

We are experts in the field of Packet Based Network Synchronisation (NTP or PTP IEEE1588).  Whether it's our own or our customer's product development, consultancy advice or test and measurement services we have the knowledge to deliver results in this complex technology segment. We are also developing a range of industrial synchronisation products of our own, see our Products page for an update on status.

Comm's and Networking :

Switches, Routers, Modems, Protocol Stacks - ,you name it, we have designed it. Our consultants have worked on Ethernet, ATM, SONET, Frame Relay and others. Communications infrastructure devices and systems are at the core of our skill-set.

Video / Graphics :

MPEG compression, video stream switching, number plate recognition and video convolution and correlation filtering algorithms are amongst the projects we have worked on in the last few years.

Industrial :

We have applied our expertise in the Industrial sector by way of industrial networking systems. We are also developing a range of industrial synchronisation products of our own, see our Products page for an update on status.

Intellectual Property :

We have developed multiple pieces of IP targeted at Asic and FPGA architectures to enhance our customer's solutions. We have also developed our own internal range of flexible IP in our core skill-set areas that allow us to develop designs rapidly and efficiently.

Secure Work :

We have several consultants who have experience of secure projects and hold current security clearance.